I love riding at night.

The city calms down and the odd hour gives everything a special feeling.

We are off together on an adventure! We'll pedal through the dark to the dawn for Breakfast at the Brewery.

Of course we'll have mechanical support and S.A.G. (bike rescue) service along the way.

We have some very cool rest stops with water, bathrooms, pie, a surprise or two, and too much food, but save room for the finish line, where we'll have free delicious Blue Point Brewery beer and pancakes from the amazing crew at Chris Cakes. (If you've pedaled RAGBRAI you know all about Chris Cakes...)

Breakfast at the Brewery

pancakes and beer -- together again at last!

July 29, 2017

3 a.m.

(because nothing interesting every happens before 3 a.m.!)

Start Lines In

Brooklyn • Long Island • Manhattan • Queens


Another swell bicycle ride from yer ol' pal Glen

Important Trivia -- I am a maple syrup snob, so at the breakfast finish line we will be providing REAL maple syrup from the sugar houses right here in the Catskills where I live.

When you've had your fill of pancakes and beer you can catch a lift home with friend or take our transport home.


There are four start lines:

• Penn Station in Manhattan -- start here for a ride that is about 70 miles.

• The Atlantic Avenue subway station in Brooklyn -- start here for a ride that is also about 70 miles

• The Aqueduct subway station in Queens (on the "A" train line) -- start here for a ride of about 53 miles.

• The Patchogue*, Long Island train station -- start here for a ride that is about 70 miles.

Pedaling the Route

You can take off from the start line like a rocket if you wish, but most of us will take it easy and stay together.  

We'll have plenty of hard-copy route sheets for you, but we'll also have the route available as a downloadable file for your bike-mounted GPS unit and as a free app for your iPhone or Android with spoken turn-by-turn directions ("Turn left in 150 feet on 71st Street")!  Or just stick with us -- we'll have plenty of expert bike-ride leaders along in screaming yellow fluorescent vests to make sure everything is just exactly perfect.


* Why Patchogue? Because we learned that people who live on Long Island like pancakes and beer too! If you start from Patchogues we will transport your bike to the Manhattan start line for FREE. You pay your own train ticket like any other railroad customer to get from Patchogue to NYC. When you finish the ride, why, you'll be back in Patchogue, where your car is!